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Building & Pest Inspection Video Resources

In this video series, we clarify some areas of a property that are checked during a building and pest inspection and what our inspectors are looking out for. 

Thermal Imaging Technology

Video Summary:

During your pest and termite inspection, our technicians use the latest thermal imaging technology alongside standard inspection tools and techniques, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the property being inspected. In this video, we briefly explain how these tools work.

Common Obstructions During Inspections

Video Summary:

A building inspection is a comprehensive, visual inspection of all readily accessible areas of a property. Often during an inspection, there are a number of obstructions which prevent the inspector from being able to properly assess the area. In this video, we outline some of the most common obstructions we encounter during property inspections.

Floors and Sub Floors During Inspections

Video Summary:

During a building and pest inspection, your floors and sub floors are thoroughly inspected, as any timbers or structures in contact with the ground have the potential to create a lead-in for termites. This video outlines a number of recommendations to prevent any termite damage.

Roof Inspections

Video Summary:

Inspections to roofs are carried out as part of your building inspection. Your inspector will endeavour to cover as much area of the roof as practical, and will check your roof tiles for evidence of cracking, evidence of any morter that may be dislodged from roof gable capping tiles, roof gutters for evidence of rust or corosion, and any build up of leaves or debris that may be evident in gutters.

Inspecting The Roof Void

Video Summary:

As part of your building and pest inspection, your inspector will inspect inside the roof void to determine the state of the roof, the insulation, identify any potential strutural damage to roof timber members or any termite activity workings or damage. Your inspector will also make note of any fire risks in regards to light fittings being in close contact with insulation and whether fire separation material has been installed in adjoining units.



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