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 Pre-Purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspections

We want you to be able to buy with confidence and have peace of mind when it comes to purchasing a property. A pre-purchase property inspection which includes a termite inspection is a must for this reason. It's the biggest investment of your life, you don't want to buy a dud.

Having a satisfactory pre-purchase building report, completed by a qualified building inspector, should be a condition of your contract.

Our pre-purchase property inspections allow you to make an informed decision about the purchase and is a sound financial decision as it can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Following our building inspection report, you can either proceed with buying the property, renegotiate the purchase price, or back out if any major defects are found.

We can provide you with both a pre-purchase building inspection and a termite/pest report. This has many advantages over using two companies to do both:

Book your inspection online or contact us for a quote on 1300 337 447.

We invite our clients to attend the inspection at which time the building and pest inspector will provide you with a verbal assessment of the property at the completion of the inspection.

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

pre prchase property inspectionIf you are purchasing a residential house or any other property anywhere in Australia it is essential to know the true condition of that property.

A pre-purchase building inspection is a visual appraisal of the condition of a property identifying existing issues, from minor defects or areas of concern, to structural defects. However, it is not a warranty against future defects or structural issues.

This inspection is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.1

If there are particular parts of the property that you are specifically concerned with, for example, plumbing, electrical or swimming pool etc., you may wish to also engage a specialist in the required field in addition to the pre-purchase building inspection.

View further information about building inspections.

Timber Pest Inspection

A timber pest inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible areas of the property to detect evidence of active termites and/or termite damage. In addition to this, the inspector will also identify conditions conducive to termite attack, and whether or not a current termite management system is in place.

The findings of the inspection will then be noted in your pest report which will be issued via email the following morning, including any recommendations for suitable termite treatments.

The property inspection is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.3

View further information about termite / pest inspections.

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For more information about our building and pest inspection services visit our Help Centre. To arrange a pre-purchase inspection, visit our booking page for a quote or contact us free on 1300 337 447.

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  • We're fully licensed & insured - did you know that inspectors don't require a license in some states?
  • Reports within 24 hours - receive a detailed report by email within 24 hours, or on the same day in urgent cases
  • Detailed reports - our easy to understand reports contain photos and are independent of any third party. We work for you!
  • We'll handle your agent - we will liaise with your real estate agent to confirm an inspection time and keep you informed.
  • You're invited - attend the inspection and we'll give you a verbal report on the day.
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