Selling An Occupied Rental Property In Sydney’s Central West

occupied rental property

Selling a property can be difficult at the best of times, but selling a rental property that is currently occupied can add even more hassles.

Selling a vacant property usually means you give the prospective buyer the opportunity to do what they want with it (such as move in) but real estate agents in Sydney’s central west suburbs have found this isn’t always an issue.

Many property buyers in the western suburbs are looking for investment properties so having the house already occupied guarantees an immediate rental income.

It is still important to have good tenants to make sure the process goes through as smoothly as possible.

Clean, tidy tenants with nice furniture can showcase how good the home can look during viewings.

You will need to communicate with the tenants regarding viewing times and be accommodating for buyer’s building and pest inspections.

Prospective buyers will want to have a qualified property inspector see the house so they know what state the property is in and can buy with peace of mind.

Some property owners will give tenants an incentive to keep the residence clean throughout the sale process, such as a gift when a successful sale goes through.


If you are planning on buying a property in Sydney, whether it is vacant or occupied be sure to arrange a building & pest inspection report prior to your purchase.

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