How Cleaning Your Gutters Can Save You Money

cleaning gutters during the summer

The gutters on a house manage the flow of water from the roof down to the drainage system and away from the property foundation. Though it plays a vital role, the gutter is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to your gutters, you should know that neglecting them can lead to many problems in the future which all could have been easily avoided by a thorough clean.

Why it’s important to clean out the gutter

As a homeowner you might think that cleaning the gutter regularly is not necessary, or you may simply forget as it’s not a part of the house that you see very often. But, you should be aware of the many issues that may arise when gutters clog up due to leaves and debris build-up.

Gutter problems might also lead to more serious damages that might cost you in the future. You can save your hard-earned money from spending it on expensive repairs or roof replacement if you will take the preventive measure of regularly cleaning your gutter.

Below are some reasons that might just convince you why clearing your gutter is important.

Roof damage protection

When gutters are clogged and water has nowhere to run, the water will stagnate and even overflow. This water overflow will cause rotting on your roof, ending up in a leak. Depending on how big the leak is and how long you have left it for, this type of damage can end up costing you some serious dollars to rectify and is one of the primary reasons why you must keep your gutters clear and free from debris.

Prevent termite and pest infestation

The moisture together with decaying organic debris in a clogged gutter is a welcoming environment for a termite infestation. The water leaking directly onto the wood is a yummy treat for termites that devour water-damaged or moisture-exposed woods. The foundation cracks caused by water damage can also serve as termite entrance in the same manner. Is you home conducive to termites?

The termites invited by a clogged gutter can spread throughout your entire property. If you don’t want this to happen, your gutter should be constantly clean and free from leaves and other debris.

A gutter congested with leaves and twigs is also an alluring nesting site for mosquitoes, critters, insects, rodents, and other pests. Decongesting your gutter will avoid any pest infestation from happening in your home!

clogged guttters

Reduce the risk of foundation cracks

As explained above, a jammed gutter blocks water from systematically flowing away from your house.  When this happens, the water that overflows pools around the house foundation and causes foundation cracks especially when it expands and freezes during the colder months.

Obstructed gutters along with downspouts result in improper water draining. The water stagnation ends up in leaks that might damage not only the exterior of the house but even the interior if left unattended.

Avoid garden bed flooding

Water overflowing from your blocked gutter can end up in your garden beds and create flooding. Plants being exposed to too much water is  just as damaging as giving them too little and might drown them.

Tips for gutter maintenance

Knowing that a clean gutter is a big deal in ensuring a worry-free home, it is good to practice cleaning it regularly. To maintain a clog-free gutter here are some tips for you to follow.

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1. Decongest your gutter regularly

A well-maintained gutter is  inspected and cleaned at least twice a year, and specifically during spring and autumn. If you are located in a rainy area, gutter cleaning is required more frequently since rain gutters clog faster and cause water to overflow. Performing regular gutter maintenance will increase its lifespan and protection of your home from water damage.

2. Clean your roof

For your gutter not to be blocked by debris, it is also necessary to clear your roof. This way,  leaves and other debris from the roof will not be dragged down to the gutters the next time it rains.

3. Inspect for holes and leaks

When your gutter is already clean, check for any signs of holes and leaks. In case you find some, cover it up with a gutter metal patch or apply a sealant.

4. Contact an expert

If maintaining your gutter is not your cup of tea, you can always seek the help of a gutter and roof expert to do the job for you. Professional gutter cleaners will get the job done efficiently and safely. Get in touch with Inspect My Home for more information.

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