What is a Dilapidation Report and What’s Included?

Condition report

If major constructions will take place near your home, the integrity of your dwelling might just be at stake. To prevent future conflict, it is important to obtain a dilapidation report before any heavy construction or demolition job commences. This way, you can defend yourself, protect your property, and prevent messy confrontations.

To understand what a dilapidation report is, what’s included, and when you should get one, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is a comprehensive inspection and documented report of the current condition of the adjacent properties of a dwelling. This is usually requested before and after a major construction or demolition project. Also known as a condition report, it’s a requirement for getting a Development Approval (DA) for a project that may cause possible damages to adjoining properties.

The condition report is carried out not just to ensure the protection of nearby assets but also for that of the developer. By comparing the before and after construction reports, both parties can readily identify any damage that might have transpired as a result of the development work. This way, potential conflicts can be prevented ahead of time.

You can get a copy of a sample dilapidation report here.

What’s Included in the Report?

A detailed condition report includes exterior to interior inspection. It pays close attention to specific areas that have high chances of being affected by the project. The property’s actual conditions will be measured and described in detail with the inclusion of diagrams and images. Specifically, the inspector will look into the condition of the following details:

  • Tile cracks around plumbing fixtures
  • Internal wall cracks
  • Loose or missing frames
  • Exterior brickwork cracks
  • Concrete or pavers cracks
  • Ground movement indications
  • Architrave alignments
  • Loose or missing roof shingles

Signed individual copies of the condition report will be provided for both the builder and the property owner as a future reference.

When Do You Need One?

While anyone is free to apply for a dilapidation report, obtaining a report is only needed in a few cases. These include major development projects, structure demolitions, and land excavations nearby your property. Other works that need a dilapidation report include the following:

  • Pipe laying works
  • Road construction
  • Development projects that cause ground vibration

Whether or not a condition report is required by law in your locality, you need to acquire one as a precaution from possible litigation. You also need it for evidence to support damage claims as a settlement.

Who Conducts Them?

A dilapidation report to prevent any conflict of interest is carried out by third-party licensed professional building inspectors, like Inspect My Home. They are the only ones who have the expertise to meticulously assess and document the existing condition of a property before the onset of a heavy construction project and after its completion. Since a dilapidation report is a legal document, the inspectors’ findings cannot be disputed.

If you need a dilapidation report for any property,  always make sure that your inspector is a license holder and has a reliable reputation. This way, the dilapidation report is guaranteed to be accurate.

Dilapidation Report With Inspect My Home

As one of Australia’s largest and most trusted building and pest inspection companies, Inspect My Home is committed to providing every client with a professional and thorough property inspection. We provide you with an informative and easy to understand report emailed to you within 24-48 hours.

If you need Dilapidation/Condition report services,  get in touch with one of our experts to arrange a time or discuss getting a report for your project. All our property inspections will be carried out by highly trained industry professionals, to provide you with a comprehensive and independent property report at the most competitive price.

Call Inspect My Home at 1 300 337 447 or book an appointment online for all your building inspection needs.

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