Important Information About Timber Pests

Timber pests like termites, bores, and decay fungi attack timbers and other wooden parts of your house, feeding off them from within and leaving no surface signs. When left untreated, the attacks can greatly affect the structural soundness of your property.

If you want to keep your property in top shape and highly valuable for resale, it’s important to learn to read the signs of early infestation, and how to prevent it altogether.

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How a Building and Pest Inspection Can Save You Money

Making the decision to buy a home can be pretty exciting. Whether you want to get an investment property, a place closer to town, or maybe something bigger for your growing family, it’s one of the largest and most significant purchases you can make. It’s important to think carefully about this decision. You could very well be living in it for a number of years (if not your entire life). Knowing if it can withstand the test of time is a must. A building and pest inspection isn’t something new but unfortunately, a number of people choose to forgo it. Continue reading “How a Building and Pest Inspection Can Save You Money”

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Need a property inspection? Consider these important factors first.

A building and pest inspection is a crucial step to purchasing a property. It helps inform buyers about the property’s overall condition and make the best decision out of it. However, as much as the property inspection is significant to the buyer’s decision-making process, the property inspector is as equally important to the quality of the inspection that will be done to the property. If you’re looking to get a property inspection, you must consider these important factors first when hiring an inspector. Continue reading “Need a property inspection? Consider these important factors first.”

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Things not covered in your inspection

A building and pest inspection is an important thing to consider before purchasing any property. It helps determine existing and potential problems in the house or building and give you an expert’s advice on the property’s overall condition.  Also, with the inspection report on hand, you will be able to negotiate the property price with cold hard facts. The pre-purchase building inspection is indeed a very helpful tool for property buyers, but bear in mind that it also has its limitations. Here are some things not covered in your inspection: Continue reading “Things not covered in your inspection”

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How Do I Find the Perfect Property for Me?

No one wants to let their hard-earned dollars go down the drain by making a decision they will regret. Buying a house is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make in life, so sitting down and thinking about what your ideal home would be is a crucial step.

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Are Annual Inspections Important

Are Annual Inspections Important?

This is why regular inspections should be conducted

Are annual inspections important? Most definitely. Our home is often our largest investment and regular inspections should be conducted to ensure maintenance items are identified and repaired and to ensure termites haven’t made your home their home. Continue reading “Are Annual Inspections Important?”

Is Your Building Inspector A Registered Builder

Is Your Building Inspector A Registered Builder

It is very important that your building and structural inspection is carried out by a registered building professional. Someone with up-to-date qualifications and experience.  A registered builder is familiar with all areas of construction and will ensure your home complies with current Australian Building Standards and Codes.

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