How Cleaning Your Gutters Can Save You Money

The gutters on a house manages the flow of water from the roof down to the drainage system and away from the property foundation. Though it plays a vital role, the gutter is often one of the least priorities in cleaning.

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to your gutters, you should know that neglecting them can lead to many problems in the future. These can all be easily avoided by a thorough clean.

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Sydney house prices

Australian house prices begin to soar again

For the first time in over five months, the Australian property market has recorded a 0.4 per cent price growth with all capital cities experiencing a value increase except Melbourne.

According to the latest CoreLogic home value index presented in October, we can now expect the housing market to begin to soar again following the easing of some boarder restrictions.

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Condition report

What is a Dilapidation Report and What’s Included?

If major constructions will take place near your home, the integrity of your dwelling might just be at stake. To prevent future conflict, it is important to obtain a dilapidation report before any heavy construction or demolition job commences. This way, you can defend yourself, protect your property, and prevent messy confrontations.

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is your house conducive to termites?

Is Your Home Conducive to Termites?

One of the worst things about termites is that they are sneaky: just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean that they’re not there! Termites could easily be eating away at your ceiling or walls without you knowing.

So, the first step to preventing termites in your home is to get rid of the conducive conditions encouraging termites to infest your home. Here we list some of the most common conditions leading to termite infestations.

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How To Pass Your Building Inspection

Are you worrying about an upcoming inspection on your property?

Don’t worry, the inspector will neither pass nor fail your property during the inspection. Rather, your inspector will guide you in improving your property’s overall condition and attractiveness to potential buyers.

To educate yourself further about what happens during a building inspection, read on and get across exactly what an inspection will and will not cover.

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Which Termite Treatment Is the Most Effective?

Termites, which are often called “silent destroyers”, are pests that can infest your home and cause devastating damage. If these house pests are feasting on your property, don’t expect them to leave voluntarily. Instead, find a termite treatment right away so you can prevent your property from further damage and save you money from more expensive repairs.

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Buying or Selling a Property During COVID-19?

Now that Australia is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering how is the property market is holding up. Surprisingly, it’s not too bad. This is contrary to the initial forecast. The property market remained resilient and national home prices even rose by 0.3 percent countrywide per the Hedonic Home Value Index by CoreLogic.

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termite prevention

Important Information About Timber Pests

Timber pests like termites, bores, and decay fungi attack timbers and other wooden parts of your house, feeding off them from within and leaving no surface signs. When left untreated, the attacks can greatly affect the structural soundness of your property.

If you want to keep your property in top shape and highly valuable for resale, it’s important to learn to read the signs of early infestation, and how to prevent it altogether.

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