Concrete Slabs & Termite Myths

Trench to extenal wall awaiting chemical to be applied to footings

We all know the kind of damage termites can do to wood home, but unfortunately many people living in modern brick homes built on concrete slabs think they are protected.

If you’re considering buying a Sydney home built on a concrete slab, it’s important you have a pest inspection preformed to ensure termites have not, and are not able to, access the home.

Termites are able to gain access to brick, concrete slab homes through brick mortar joints, weep holes in the brickwork, cracks in the slab, as well as through slab penetrations like plumbing and electrical wiring.

While the appearance of brick homes may look very secure against issues like timber damage, many are merely brick veneer, hiding soft wood timber wall frames. With concrete slab homes, this timber is located close to ground level and can be easily accessed by termites.

Termites can also find access if the edge of the concrete slab is concealed by footpaths, patios, paving stones, gardens or foliage. From these access points they can make their way in to wall frames, causing extensive damage to the framing timbers.

They also like weep holes, which are small gaps in brickwork designed to drain water from wall frames. They need to be at least 75mm clear of ground level, not to stop termites from accessing the home, but to allow detection if they do.

When our inspectors perform a pre-purchase property report, they check for things like termite access, activity and damage, also providing recommendations for clearing things like weep holes should you decide to purchase the home.

So regardless of whether you’re looking to buy an old wooden cottage, or a brick home on a concrete slab, it’s important to get a professional building and pest inspection done so you know where you stand, before you purchase the property.

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