Perth's property market is soaring

Why Perth is the Right Place Right Now

Australia’s busiest property markets at the moment can be found in larger cities, where life is more unrestricted due to successful containment of Covid-19. These markets have an active band of first-home buyers which are highly boosted by government aid and record low-interest rates. The property prices are also rising due to low rental vacancy numbers and an upward surge in rents.

These trends are highly prominent right now in the city of Perth. To understand more, here is an overview of Perth’s residential market post-Covid-19 restrictions, and why so many are moving in on Perth’s housing market.

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Termite workings and damage to a pitched hardwood roof

Timber Pest Inspection – why you need one!

1. Know your investment is safe

It gives you peace of mind knowing that your future major investment is not in the process of being consumed by timber pests and also does not have any past structural termite damage which may lead to future failure. Continue reading “Timber Pest Inspection – why you need one!”