Gutters – A Gateway Problem For Sydney Homes

roof getting checked during inspection

A common problem found in Sydney homes is blocked gutters and poor storm water drainage.

While this may not seem to be a major issue when we’re not experiencing flood conditions, they can cause many other problems in the home.

Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to backflow into the eaves of your home and down into the wall frames. This causes moisture-related problems like wood decay and creates an ideal environment for termites.

When your gutters aren’t connected to the stormwater system you get a lot of runoff around your home, causing dampness at the base of the building. This can be potentially hazardous as it causes instability in the supporting footings and brickwork, leading to further damage and distortion.

building inspector in roof voidOur building and pest inspectors check roof gutters and drainpipes, as well as the roof cavity near the eves, to ensure drainage is adequate and there hasn’t been any backflow during heavy rains.

If you’re looking at buying a house in Sydney it’s always important to get a building and pest inspection, but especially so to check for water damage from the gutters.

Remember, Sydney is considered a high risk area for termites so you don’t want a moist environment beckoning them into your new home.

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