Is The Light Rail Boosting Sydney’s Inner West Property?

dulwich hill light rail

Property in Dulwich Hill appears to be on the rise since the light rail linked the inner west surburb to Sydney’s CBD in early April 2015.

With reported price growth for houses at 20% this takes the median housing price into the $1 million median for the suburb. Units are also up 9% taking them to a median value of $528,000.

However not everyone thinks its entirely due to the introduction of the light rail in the area with local real estate agents putting the attractiveness of the suburb down to a strong community feel which appeals to families and young singles alike.

Being within 10kms of the CBD with plenty of public transport options and a community feel it’s no wonder Dulwich Hill made the number 1 position for top 10 Sydney Suburbs in 2016.

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Photo by: Wyncliffe

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