Why Get A Building Inspection Before Buying A Home?

dilapidated fibro house

Read five great reasons as to why you should have a Building Inspection BEFORE you purchase a home in Perth North:

1. Make purchasing a home a positive experience.

Feel happy and confident that you understand the real condition of a property under that fresh coat of paint – not just what you see and read on the glossy brochures.

2. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re buying a structurally sound and safe home, so you don’t have any surprises after you move in.

Our inspector will let you know if anything is unsafe or failing structurally and advise on any actions that may be required.  He will also identify maintenance issues that could potentially lead to future structural failure and any other general items which may be attended to once you move in, ie. loose door handles, painting required, etc.

3. Setting a budget.

The knowledge gained from a Building Inspection is useful when considering the financial impact of repair or replacement of items prior to purchasing the property and lets you know what future ongoing maintenance is necessary, so you can calculate a budget.  Although we do not provide any costings, it is also a handy reference when engaging contractor trades to quote on any work required.

4. Has previous building or repair work been correctly carried out?

You have limited time and opportunity to properly evaluate a home before signing on the dotted line and can later wonder whether specific work has been done properly and according to the Building Code.  We can investigate any questionable items and include an evaluation in your Building Report.

5. An opportunity to negotiate.

The art of negotiation is a great skill and can save you $$ but you need the correct information to back it up.  A professional Building Report may give you the opportunity to negotiate price or terms and conditions when buying a home.

Now that you know the reasons why a pre purchase building inspection is a good idea, contact Inspect My Home Perth North on 1300 337 447 or book your inspection online.

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