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david evans building and pest inspector central coast

Relatively new to Inspect My Home but well experienced in the building industry through commercial and residential constructions, alterations/renovations and new homes, David Evans is your Building & Pest Inspector on the Central Coast.

Growing up on the NSW country side, David made the move to Newcastle around 8 years ago and jumped at the opportunity with Inspect My Home little over 12 months ago.

He loves the architectural aspect of the job and enjoys viewing new developments and inventions. But most of all, he wants to help people get the most out of their properties.

Common building faults & defects

David says it’s uncommon to find a fault-free property.

In fact, there is always something to jot down on that report, even though most of the time it’s only minor faults that can be fixed over time.

Building inspectionThe most common faults found on properties in the area are relating to drainage and pipes.

“Especially around periods with heavy rain, peoples’ drains and gutters get clogged with dirt and leaves,” David explains. “We have a lot of trees on the Central Coast and a lot of them end up in the gutters.”

These faults are only minor and can be easily fixed. They can often be prevented if people remember to clean their gutters and drains more regularly.

David also says that structural defects such as cracks in the brick work or moister in sub-floors are fairly common but not necessarily as serious as they might sound.

“All structural defects are not major issues or need attention straight away. I often explain to clients that items on the report sounds scarier than they in fact are,” says David.

“I’m always happy to go over the report with them [the client] and tell them to give me a call if they have any questions.”

View a sample building report

Pre purchase property inspections

So, why is it so important for potential home buyers to get an inspection before purchase?

The main reasons is lack of time and knowledge by the home buyers, says David.

“Most people don’t have time or the opportunity to inspect their new home properly,”

“They might have been to an ‘Open House’ with twenty other people. Then you don’t get the chance to get down on your hands and knees and have a good look underneath the house for example,”

“Or they simply don’t know what to look for.”

Pre-purchase inspection with Inspect My Home

For your pre-purchase inspection, David will check the property for termites, as well as termite damage and any other structural damage or defects on both the interior and exterior of the building.

He is fully insured and licensed to provide you with an informative report that meets Australian Standards the same or next day of your home inspection.

He’s on hand to explain any of the items on the report and will give his clients advice on the next step to take in order to rectify the faults.

Termites & Termite inspections

There’s no shortage of timber pest or termites on the Central Coast, according to David.

They’re prominent pretty much across the entire region, but especially in areas inhabited by a lot of Gum trees. Areas like Narara, Niagara Park and Wymoing tend to see a fair lot of homes infested with termites, he adds.

As a rule of thumb, home owners should get their property inspected every 6 months. The inspector will leave you with guidelines on how to minimise the risk of termites and other defects, such as:

  • Keep your gutters clean.
  • Reduce vegetation around the house.
  • Improve drainage.
  • Conduct regular self-inspections.

If these guidelines are followed, a professional building and pest inspection might only be needed on an annual basis moving forward.

“You can do a fair bit yourself to keep your house in good condition,” says David. “It all comes down to maintenance, location and a bit of luck.”

“Doing regular inspections yourself and keeping an eye out for the signs, like mud trails leading into the house, might save you both time and money in the long run.”

“I’m happy to give my clients some good advice on housekeeping in between professional inspections so they only need to see my face once a year,” he chuckles.

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Need an inspection on the Central Coast?

David is thorough and diligent when inspecting your home.

Inspector on the Central Coast

He can squeeze into the tightest of places to ensure your new home or investment has no hidden surprises that may incur costs in the future.

In charge of the Wyong region, David services clients in and around the greater Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle.

If you are looking to purchase a property on the Central Coast, call David the team on 02 4342 4343 or book online to save your property from termites or significant structural damage with a professional inspection.

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