Building and Pest inspections can assist sellers as well as buyers.

Many people assume Building and Pest Inspections are only relevant to purchasers as part of the contract process. This assumption is not entirely correct. 

The Vendor has a fantastic opportunity to have their home inspected prior to listing their property for sale.

Why you ask?

This puts you in a strong position to take control over the selling and negotiation process. If the Pre-Sale Inspection reveals any major or minor issues you will have the opportunity to rectify these issues prior to listing the property which will give you peace of mind and limit the potential for the price to be re-negotiated once the property in on the market and the purchaser has their own Building and Pest Inspection carried out.

Industry Experience!

Over our many years of operating in the Building and Pest inspection industry we have gained valuable experience and insight into how these inspections directly affect the sale process. Vendors tend to become quite anxious after a Pre- Purchase Building and Pest Inspection as they fear the purchaser will come back to them and try to re-negotiate the price if any issues are found. This fear that vendors can experience highlights the advantage of having a Pre-Sale inspection prior to listing the property for sale.

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