Surviving House Hunting In Sydney

Surviving House Hunting In Sydney

Buying a house in Sydney can be an incredibly daunting endeavour, and for most of us it’s unfamiliar territory.

Jordan Baker’s family recently went through the process and were lucky enough, after some frustrating weeks watching houses come and go from the market, to find a real estate agent that gave them some good advice.

They’d been to plenty of open houses, often finding what the real estate agents said weren’t always true.

They were told by one agent that the house they were looking at was a 30-year-old, solid brick home. When they arranged a building inspection though, it turned out to be a 60-year-old fibro encased in brick.

Their reliable real estate agent gave them a few tips to help with these issues – the first of which was to ask for anything a real estate agent says to be in writing (or email). If they’re lying, or “stretching the truth”, they’re not likely to want to leave a paper trail.

She also suggests keeping your budget to yourself, and holding back on making a bid until the hammer is about to come down.

This, along with plenty of other advice, helped Jordan survive the Sydney house hunt, emerging victorious with a beautiful house in Sydney’s Inner West that they didn’t feel “hoodwinked” over the price.

Read the full article to find out all the good real estate advice they were given, or talk to us to arrange a building and pest inspection before you settle on a Sydney home.

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It is always a good idea to arrange a building & pest inspection prior to purchasing a new property.

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