Hidden Housemates

Hidden Housemates

For the majority of us our homes are our greatest asset and we would hate to see termites destroy our hard work.

Always call a pest professional if you suspect you have termites!

live termites

On a recent pest inspection we came across live termites to some timber posts which are in close proximity to the house.

A common mistake homeowners will make is to attempt to treat termites with household chemicals such as insect repellent. This method is not effective as this will kill the termites you can see, however, the nest will remain intact. Termites are a social species, they live in large colonies/nests which are made up of a King & Queen, Soldiers and Workers these guys are active 24/7.

If you suspect you have or have located termites on the grounds of your property it is imperative you contact a termite professional to properly treat the termites.

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