Parramatta Urban Renewal Project

Parramatta River

Lang Walker, the chairman of Walker Corporation said that Parramatta Square presented an “unrivalled opportunity.”

The Walker Corporation will be responsible for developing the Aspire Tower, which is set to be the tallest residential building in NSW and Australia if they can get the height approved by the Federal Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The company will also build two commercial towers which will include retail and office space and a link to the train station.

Lord Mayor Scott Lloyd said, “This is exciting news for Parramatta and shows the development of Parramatta Square is rapidly gaining momentum.” The project should revitalise Parramatta and bring in new residents and secure government and private sector tenants in the office space.

In the centre of the project is a 250 metre long corridor of public space which will create a great community atmosphere and provide a space to display public art. The City Council believes the works should be finished by 2019.


Photo by sv1ambo

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