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Pool Fence Safety Inspections

New pool safety laws have been introduced to make pool fencing more effective and help keep backyard swimming pools a safe place. These new laws affect both owners of existing pools and those building new pools.

Pool Safety InspectionsInspect My Home offer Pool Safety Inspections in Cairns. If you have any queries about your pool compliance, please give us a call on (07) 4057 5687.

In Queensland, we love the outdoors and the family pool is a staple, providing hours of enjoyment for young and old alike. Tragically backyard pools are also the leading cause of deaths for children 1 - 4 years old. This doesn't need to be the case as taking the correct pool safety precautions can assure that your pool remains a safe place for family fun.

To help ensure swimming pools are safe in Queensland for all our little tackers, the Queensland government has introduced a new set of codes for pool safety which means if you are a homeowner, your pool must meet the pool safety laws and have one of our qualified and licensed inspectors come out and conduct a mandatory pool safety inspection.

You can read a PDF overview of the new Pool Safety Standard by following the link.

DIY Pre Pool Inspection Guide

At Inspect My Home we see a lot of pools that fail our inspection standards because of simple problems that you, the owner, could have addressed before we came out to perform your inspection. This can save you time and money associated with a follow-up inspection because your pool failed the initial inspection. With this in mind, we've compiled a checklist to help you prepare for our inspection by knowing what to look out for.

The 7 most common issues that result in a pool failing a safety inspection are:

  1. Non-compliant gate latches and or hinges
  2. Distances between vertical member are greater than 100mm
  3. Distances below bottom railings are greater than 100mm
  4. Climbable objects abutting the pool enclosure (trees, air conditioning units)
  5. Fence height is below 1200mm
  6. Climbable fence rails on a neighbouring fence line
  7. No current pool resuscitation sign secured in a visible location

We are here to help. Inspect My Home offer Pool Safety Inspections in Cairns. If you have any queries about your pool compliance, please give us a call on (07) 4057 5687.

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