Why Should I Get A Dilapidation Report?

Wall Crack

Earlier this year an Enfield building in Sydney’s Inner West needed to be demolished after a wall, which adjoined a construction site, began to collapse during the night.

Fire and Rescue Authorities ordered the evacuation of 40 people from the affected area which housed shops and apartments.

Eleni Endt and her family have owned a hairdressing salon in the row of affected shops for 30 years. She said, “We don’t know officially why [it collapsed] but there’s a construction site that’s been sending a lot of vibrations through the building.” Endt was also mindful of the tenant above her shop who lost everything as his upstairs bedroom collapsed into the rubble. Wall Crack

Fire and Rescue Superintendent Adam Dewberry said that lasers were used to observe the structural integrity of the building throughout the night. “The building has continued to move throughout the night which indicates it is very unstable,” he said. The Superintendent also called for gas and electricity to be shut off as there was some leakage from broken pipes.

Structural engineers were called to the site to determine how best to save the adjoining buildings and make the many homes and workplaces safe to return to. Detective Superintendent Mark Jones said, “We’re obviously very mindful of not causing any damage to any neighbouring premises.”

It is evident from neighbour’s comments that the finger was pointed solely at the construction site as the cause of this damage and property loss.

How Could a Dilapidation Report or Condition Report Help In This Situation?

A dilapidation report acts a legal record of the current state of the building and surrounding buildings before construction, excavation or demolition works begin. Crack in tarmac

This provides the property owner and contractor with peace of mind and an independent record of condition prior to the commencement of building works. The report can be used as evidence if a dispute arises where a property owner blames the contractor’s work damaging their property.

Although you aren’t legally obligated to obtain a dilapidation report, at Inspect My Home we believe that obtaining a dilapidation report is essential before construction works begin. Take a look at a sample of our dilapidation reports here or call your local expert to arrange a consultation on 02 9130 2499.

Photos by Keith, debs-eye & Newtown graffiti

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