Vaucluse House Of Rammed Earth

rammed earth

A Vaucluse house, which is seeking expressions of interest of more than $5 million, is said to be an architectural masterpiece.

Michael Pallier of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty said, “It’s a designer bespoke home and one thing’s for sure, your neighbour wouldn’t have one the same and that’s what people like.”

So what makes this house so different? Many of the feature walls are made of rammed earth which is a technique commonly used in Spain and France whereby you compress mixtures of gravel, sand, silt and clay between flat panels. It’s an ancient building method but it is seeing a bit of a revival as it is a sustainable building material which adheres to natural building methods.

The 996sq property was bought 15 years ago for $1.41 million and the original bungalow was demolished 5 years ago to make way for this masterpiece. The house is one of two located in Vaulcuse to use this building method and it certainly sits well in its environment.

If you are in a position to purchase a designer bespoke home, be sure to get a building and pest inspection to make sure the building is structurally sound and free of defects.


Photo by Jesse Wagstaff

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