Trusting Experts Over Salesman

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While real estate agents do provide building and pest inspection reports for the properties they sell, it’s important to ask yourself who those reports are meant to help.

Some savvy Sydney property buyers have been avoiding these provided inspections, opting to hire their own expert to do a report for them.

When Houng Lau was looking for a Sydney home, her real estate agent provided an inspection report, but Lau wasn’t able to talk to the inspector.

Instead, she hired her own qualified inspector.

When he conducted the inspection, he pointed out that the rear of the house had subsided, a feature missing from the real estate agent’s report.

As a result, Lau decided against bidding on the house, and later bought a different property.

There were wiring and plumbing issues with this second property, but because she had her inspector check this house too, she was well aware of the issues and factored them into what she was willing to spend.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations in NSW stipulating that building inspectors have any experience – they don’t need a builder’s licence nor professional indemnity insurance.

Real estate agents my hire an experienced professional, but they may also hire an inexperienced “inspector” to say the property is in good condition, encouraging you to buy.

This is why it’s so important to have an independent professional perform a building and pest inspection before you settle on a property.

All the inspectors at Inspect My Home Sydney have years of experience in the building industry and are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

They know what to look for in a home and provide a detailed report, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

To arrange an inspection, call us on 02 9336 9603 or simply book online today.


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