Translating Building & Pest Inspection Reports


Know the building report lingo – know your building

We put together our building and pest inspection reports in a way that’s easy to understand. But sometimes people want a little more context on the terminology inspectors use. We’re always happy to explain our reports and findings if you have any questions, but if you want some context as to what is considered average, poor, low or high in relation to condition reports, read on for some standard definitions.

Building Report Terminology

Most inspection report terms are in relation to well-maintained buildings of a similar age and style to the one inspected;

Low / Typical / High – the level or frequency of major/minor defects expected for a well maintained home of similar age and type.


This refers to the inspector’s opinion regarding the overall condition of the building when compared to homes of similar age and type. So;

Below average – means the property has been poorly maintained and is likely to require significant renovation work to get it to a suitable living standard.

Average – the condition of the home was as expected, there were some defects present but they’re reasonable for a home of this age. It has been maintained to a reasonable level.

Above average –  there were less significant defects in the home compared to what you’d expect for a building of this type and age. It may only require minimal to no rectification work.


In your report defects are things that either need, or could do with some repairs, depending on their extent and what condition you want to raise the home to, should you make a purchase.

Minor defects – any defect other than a major defect is considered minor, and usually not individually reported on. They will usually be mentioned in the overall assessment of the home (below, above or average condition), such as minor blemishes, corrosion, weathering, cracks, unevenness, de-silvering of mirrors etc.

Major/significant defects – any defect that will require building works to repair unsafe conditions, loss of functionality or further deterioration.


Take a look at some of our sample reports to see these terms used in context.

If you’re looking at buying a home in Sydney, make sure you get a building and pest inspection before making a purchase. Contact us on 1300 337 447 or book online today.

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