Toowoomba Inspector Neville Talks Timber Pests & Structural Defects

Neville - Toowoomba Inspector

Meet Neville Grimes – Your Toowoomba Inspector

Next up in our series of building and pest inspectors is Toowoomba local Neville Grimes.

After sustaining a few injuries in his carpentry job back in 2018, Neville decided to move to property inspections. He enjoys the flexible hours which give him more time together with his young family.

Neville recommends anyone who is looking to buy a property to get a pre-purchase inspection. This is so clients can be sure of what they’re putting their hard earned money towards. “We don’t want people to buy a house they can’t afford in the end because they didn’t have a professional inspection done prior,” he says.

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We chat to Neville about the most common defects found in the Toowoomba region. He also explains what to do if you find evidence of timber pests at your property.

What are some of the most common building faults you have come across in your location?

The most common defects I see come from renovations or alterations not done by professional tradesmen. I’ve come across a lot of dodgy DIY projects. Most of these are extensions, decks or other additions to the house.dodgy renovation

People are usually better off paying to get a renovation done professionally from the start, rather than doing it themselves.
Otherwise you might end up  paying double the amount just to get it rectified later on.

Most issues we find are minor issues that won’t take a lot of time or money to fix. These are the things that normally go unnoticed by the property owner, or buyer. However, if these things don’t get fixed they might cause a problem in the future. They might become a structural defect later on.

How serious is a structural defect?

Structural defects, such as broken trusses, are defects I recommend the property owner get rectified as soon as possible.

On average, every one in 25 homes in this region will have a structural defect. These normally arise due to lack of maintenance and/or as a result of not getting regular inspections done. Minor issues can become bigger issues if not attended to in time.

Have you ever inspected a property in your region that had no faults at all?

No. If people have lived in a house there will always be something to report on. Though, I inspect a lot of properties without any serious defects.

Again, if these minor issues are left unattended they might cause a bigger problem in the future. I highly recommend people to get a professional property inspection conducted once every year, at a minimum.

It is especially important to get your roof and sub floor checked regularly.

roof collapse

Are there are any “hot spots” in your location for pests/termites?

Lockyer Valley. I’d say I find termites and termite damage in approximately 50% of all properties I inspect in that area.

This is because it has a lot of rural areas with a lot of timber. Termites love timber.

What are the sort of conditions that can lead to a pest infestation?

What you can do is to make sure you keep your yard clean and clear of scrap timber. Don’t lean any timber up against the property’s walls or window frames. This is where termites usually get into the property. Be on the look-out for mud trails (see picture).mud trails

You can easily see the mud trails if you have a termite problem. The most common areas to find them are usually around the walls edge, coming up from the ground around the lower edges of the brickwork. You can also find the mud chutes on concrete stumps or uprights.

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If there is evidence of termites at my property, what is the next step?

Firstly, make sure to get rid of the problem immediately by way of an extermination. Another part of Inspect My Home, our Termite Managers, can handle the extermination. I sometimes assist in this activity as well.

Once you’ve had the treatment done, make sure you check back after a month. Do this to ensure the treatment has been effective. Also make sure to keep up your annual inspections after the first treatment as it is highly likely termites will be back at your property.

Buying a property?

If you are looking to purchase a property in the Darling Downs region, call Neville and the team on 07 4634 4480 or book online to ensure your property with a professional building and pest inspection.

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