Termites Visit Gold Coast for Summer Holiday

Termite Damage

This past summer has seen the worst termite season in over five years. The hot, humid weather we’ve been experiencing this summer has been ideal for termites and they’ve been infesting and increasing their colonies in greater numbers than usual.

November to April is when the Gold Coast often experiences quite high humidity and that’s when termites often take flight and multiply their colonies in homes.

They’re attracted to damp, moist areas around houses, particularly in areas like Palm Beach, Helensvale and Oxenford.

The results of this summer’s infestations have seen average termite treatment and damage costs as high as $10,000 for an average Gold Coast home.

Don’t be intimidated with the idea of buying a house on the Gold Coast, but make sure you do get a professional building and pest inspection to make sure you’re not purchasing a home with existing damage (or you could end up spending a lot more on repairs in the long run). A pest inspection report will let you know if there are signs of an infestation or termite damage.


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