vaucluse view of sydney harbour

Vaucluse Estate For Auction

In 1961, the sale of Vaucluse mansion ‘Werribree’ set the Sydney price record when it sold for £41,000. The solidly built, World War I era home was then bought by Peter Aldred, a decorated airman who founded the concrete company Cementaid International.

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bronte beach

Bronte, Bondi, Paddington Properties Selling Fast

The fast paced sales we’re seeing in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs like Bronte, Bondi Junction and Paddington show that while other areas are slowing down, the Eastern Suburbs are on the up and up.

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rammed earth

Vaucluse House Of Rammed Earth

A Vaucluse house, which is seeking expressions of interest of more than $5 million, is said to be an architectural masterpiece.

Michael Pallier of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty said, “It’s a designer bespoke home and one thing’s for sure, your neighbour wouldn’t have one the same and that’s what people like.” Continue reading “Vaucluse House Of Rammed Earth”

view from vaucluse home

Eastern Suburb Sellers Discount Despite Property Market Boom

Although for most sellers in Sydney now is a rosey time to have your property on the market it appears that some vendors in Sydney’s Eastern, Northern Beaches and North Shore suburbs may be over reaching on price.

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