Coffs Harbour Jetty

Salt Damage On Coffs Harbour Homes

For those seeking a sea change, the laid-back beachy lifestyle around Coffs Harbour is what city dweller’s dreams are made of. Whilst having the South Pacific Ocean on your doorstep can be magical for long walks on the beach and boating, the effects of this salty environment can wreak havoc on properties close to the shore. Continue reading “Salt Damage On Coffs Harbour Homes”

marrickville stead house

Things To Look For At An Open Home In Sydney

Have you been checking out open homes around Sydney lately? If you’re ready to buy a Sydney home there are a few things to look out for in your walk through. Many of the following warning signs would get picked up by a qualified inspector’s property report, but if you can spot them first you can save time and money by moving on to a more appealing home.

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The Effects Of Salt On Newcastle Homes image

The Effects Of Salt On Newcastle Homes

Most people dream of living by the ocean and if you’re living in Newcastle you might be lucky enough to be close to the surf or in the historic east side. As great as living by the ocean may be few people think of the damage this salty environment can cause on your house.

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