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Things To Look For At An Open Home In Sydney

Have you been checking out open homes around Sydney lately? If you’re ready to buy a Sydney home there are a few things to look out for in your walk through. Many of the following warning signs would get picked up by a qualified inspector’s property report, but if you can spot them first you can save time and money by moving on to a more appealing home.

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Why Is A Building & Pest Inspection Important In Sydney?

Whether a home is one of Sydney’s classic colonial homes, only a few decades old or even relatively new, it is always important to get a building and pest inspection before committing to settle on a property.

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Translating Building & Pest Inspection Reports

Know the building report lingo – know your building

We put together our building and pest inspection reports in a way that’s easy to understand. But sometimes people want a little more context on the terminology inspectors use. Continue reading “Translating Building & Pest Inspection Reports”

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The Dangers & Risks of Home Water Damage

One of the biggest issues for a home is moisture and water damage. It’s one of the main things our inspectors are looking for when performing building and pest inspections, and it’s what you should take seriously in your building report.

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