Redfern Warehouse Conversion

redfern conversion

Redfern doesn’t always get the best wrap but this new warehouse conversion on George Street is certainly getting a tick of approval from critics, locals and buyers.

The property started out in life as a milliners before becoming a radio factory, then TV production and broadcasting and most recently owned by a church.

The property was bought by its current owners in 2012 for $1.43 million and they stripped it right back. The owners have decided to sell it as is and it’s a great choice as it really shows off the exposed brickwork, Tallowwood and Brushbox floorboards, warehouse size windows and cathedral ceilings with Oregon trusses.

Development Approval has signed off on the property to become a four bedroom house with Studio which has appealed to buyers. William Phillips from Bresic Whitney Darlinghust said the 1920’s property, “This style of properties is incredibly rare to find,” and will sell for more than $3 Million.

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