Paddington’s Windsor Castle Sets Record

Paddington Gates

Paddington’s iconic Windsor Castle Hotel is not only a much loved landmark but also the price record holder for this glamorous Eastern Suburb.

The converted hotel sold for $13 million which is $5.5 million above the previous record holder which was set in 2010 at $7.75 million.

The property was only listed the previous month which is typical of property selling rates in suburbs like Paddington and also Bondi Junction and Bronte. Whilst only listed for a month or so the property took restauranteur Peter Polovin and interior designer Rita Polovin three years to reconstruct into a residence.

Sitting behind the hotel’s original façade is a four storey home with rooftop terrace, plunge pool and spectacular open-plan living and dining areas. The new owners of this record holding Paddington property are rumoured to be the hoteliers Ben and Lucy May.


Photo by Philip Sheldrake

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