Out Of Area Buyers Flock To Northern Beaches

dee why rocks

Graham Bennett of Ray White Freshwater said, “Normally 70 per cent of our buyers come from within a 5km radius,” he said. “But out-of-area buyers are seeing value in our suburbs and it has all changed.”

It’s not hard to see the attraction of the area with its beach lifestyle, community feel and safe suburbs. The buyers are not just focusing on one key suburb either and according to CoreLogic RP Data, the clearance rate is 94.03% based on the 67 properties.

It’s really no wonder that Sydneysiders from the Eastern Suburbs are trading in a faster commute for a more laidback way of life with much less congestion.

If you’re considering a move to Sydney’s Northern Beaches for your next home or investment property, get an experienced local building inspector to thoroughly inspect the property, even if it’s brand new. A handover report or property inspection could save you thousands.


Photo by Jason Baker

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