Nightmare Homes to Avoid

leaking roof

By now most people know if you’re buying a home it’s important to have an experienced inspector do a building and pest report so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to rental properties.

It was a prominent story in the media at the end of last year that there were some shocking rental properties throughout Sydney with everything from mouldy rooms to shoddy repair jobs, rotten floorboards, pest infestations and leaking roofs.

One renter told the story of a kitchen floor so badly rotten that a chair went through it.

Other stories included collapsed roofs, slug infestations, mushrooms growing in the bathroom and carpets infested with fleas.

“Cockroaches are everywhere – I’ve been woken up FIVE TIMES by them crawling on my legs/arms/face while sleeping. I cried for hours after each time.”

While these problems were associated with rental properties, it’s important to remember that houses for sale could have similar problems.

That’s why it’s essential you get a pre-purchase building and pest inspection done before you buy a home in Sydney.

Renters have grounds to break lease based on these kinds of problems, but once you buy a home the repairs are on you.

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