McMahons Point Murder Property For Redevelopment

mcmahons point view

If you thought pests were tricky to get rid of then just think about the removal of a Heritage Listing on a house with one of the best views in Sydney.

1 Henry Lawson Ave has one of Sydney’s most amazing Harbour views and is in an enviable position come New Year’s Eve with Sydney’s famous fireworks.

The house sits in the middle of a park at McMahons Point and is also Heritage Listed due to its link to a very grisly murder back in 1935.

The North Sydney Council has the private dwelling on the list due to what is known as the ‘Shark Arm Murder’.

On Anzac Day in 1935 a tiger shark coughed up the arm of small-time criminal James Smith in a Coogee aquarium.

The police investigation took them to boat builder Reginald Holmes who called 1 Henry Lawson Avenue home and who also partnered with Smith in a few insurance scams.

Holmes admitted to the murder but before charges could be laid he was found shot dead in his car.
The case comes to light today as house owner David Wilkenfeld looks to redevelop this prime land into a luxury private house.

The application, put to council by Wilkenfeld proposed demolishing the building and restoring the slipway as part of the $1.75 million project.

Wilkenfeld believes he is allowed to do so due to a separate heritage disputes the house association and says only the early 20th century slipway and sea wall are heritage listed.

Wilkenfeld is hopeful that the development will be let through, “We have taken great care to design the building in keeping with the heritage significance of the property and for the purpose of restoring the heritage components of the property for the benefit of the public,” he says.

It is no wonder that the owner of this remarkable piece of property would like to redevelop the site and it will be interesting to keep an eye on what transpires of this McMahon Point property.

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Photo by  Ernest McGray, Jr.

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