Light Rail To Parramatta And Central West

Parramatta Town Hall

Transport NSW say that, “Sydney’s heart is moving west,” and that is why the state government are implementing a Light Rail system through Greater Parramatta and linking it to job centres and the housing corridor between Westmead and Strathfield.

The NSW Government believe that by 2036 more than half of Sydney will call Western Sydney home with Parramatta being at the heart of this shift – which is evident by the Urban Renewal Project currently underway in Parramatta Square.

The Light Rail route will also bring urban renewal along the track in suburbs like Camelia, Westmead and the Olympic site at Homebush if their latest proposed route plan is accepted. The development will hopefully increase mixed-use urban density so that living spaces co-exist with workspaces, recreation and retail.


If the introduction of the light rail is encouraging you to buy, be sure to arrange a building and pest inspection for your prospective properties.  You can never have too much information when it comes to buying a new home.

Photo by Edwin Lee

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