Is Your Inspection Report A ‘Deal Breaker’?

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What is a ‘DEAL BREAKER’?

The aim of a pre-purchase inspection is to give a prospective buyer an unbiased, true and accurate assessment of the property so you are equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing. 
It is important you are aware of the properties condition prior to a contract becoming binding.

Inspection reports tend to read quite hard, therefore, we always recommend for our clients to attend the inspection if possible, as not every issue found by the inspector is considered serious.

You should always follow through with recommendations provided by the inspector, in most cases, this will be seeking advice from a licenced and practicing trades person in a particular field. This will provide you with the information needed (severity & expected costs) to make a decision on whether the issue is a deal breaker for you.

We have listed below potential issues and recommendations you may come across in a report;

1. Cracking/Movement was detected to brickwork/masonry walls.


Due to the size of this cracking/ movement, it requires a licenced and suitably experienced Structural Engineer to further investigate the matter. Most properties undergo some form of settling overtime and cracking can appear as a result. This is where an expert is needed to determine whether its location & size indicates a more serious problem and if so make you aware of what the expected costs could be.

2. Surface rust to isolated areas of roof body.


Rust scale to heads of roof fixing screws which is causing rust stains to the body of the roof.  This is considered to be a condition conducive to structural damage while not a structural defect currently, if not repaired or maintained may lead to structural damage in the future.

Rust treatment or replacement of screws is required and we recommend seeking further advice from a licensed and practicing metal roofing contractor to determine the extent and potential costs.

3. Termites.


If termite activity and/or damage is found to the structure or on the grounds of the property, then termite activity or damage may exist in concealed areas.  In this case, a further invasive inspection is required as damage may only be found when the structure is empty and wall linings, cladding or insulation is removed to reveal previously concealed timbers.

If a pest inspection does reveal termite activity, it might not all be bad news. The signs may be leftover from a previous infestation that has already been dealt with. This is why a further investigation is vital to know the extent of the infestation or damage and how it can be remedied.

In conclusion, the purchase of a home is one of the largest investments you can make therefore it is important to know exactly what you are buying. Our inspector does not tell you whether you should buy a house or not. Rather a detailed, unbiased and accurate report is provided to you and based on the facts you are then empowered to make the right decision for you.

To book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, please contact us on 1300 337 447 or make a booking online.

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