Inspecting A Home’s Subfloor

subfloor inspection

When a building and pest inspector looks at the subfloor of a home it’s like lines on a face – it can tell us so much about a home.

There’s a wealth of information down there, revealing any moisture related problems such as site drainage and leaking wet areas. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries that look fine within the house can reveal a totally different story in the subfloor area.

We also look at structural support for issues like subsiding piers. The structural support of your home is very important and can be quite costly to repair if there are any issues.

It’s also the subfloor where we are more likely to find evidence of termite activity, wood rod and mortar decay.

For building inspectors the subfloor is often where we discover the true state of a home, which is why it’s crucial we can access this area.

If you’re looking at buying a home in the Sydney area, contact us to perform a building and pest inspection. We’ll check the condition of the entire building, from the roof to the subfloor.

Contact us on 1300 337 447 or simply book online today.

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