Flood Damage To Coffs Harbour Homes

Storm Clouds Over Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour and the low-lying towns around it like Bellingen and Grafton are prone to flooding which can cause long-lasting and unseen problems with houses and commercial buildings.

Just this month, homes and businesses on the western side of Coffs Harbour around Coffs Creek were ordered to evacuate due to mounting floodwaters. Phil Campbell from the New South Wales SES said that substantial rains and high tides limiting creek drainage were causing the area to become dam-like.

Unfortunately for Coffs Harbour residents, this isn’t a one-off. In fact, 10 years earlier Coffs Harbour suffered the effects of a severe storm causing flash flooding when up to 300mm of rain fell over a two hour period. During this time it was estimated that 260 homes and 200 commercial sites were swamped with water above floor level.

Coffs Harbour Building and Pest InspectorThe Insurance Council estimated the damage caused in November 1996 to be at $20 million which pales in comparison to the 2011 costs which were $67 million.

Our fully licenced Coffs Harbour Building & Timber Pest Inspector Wayne, is a local resident with over 20 years’ experience who understands that this kind of flooding can cause very real problems for homes and commercial buildings.

The Dangers of Flood Water Damage

Structural Damage

Flooding can compromise the structural integrity of your home and as this structural damage may not become immediately apparent, buildings should be assessed by a building inspector.

Sub-Floor Spaces

The pooling effects of water underneath your property after a flood may result in the destabilisation of foundations and footings, excess moisture which creates damp and the area may become attractive to termites and pests.


Timber and wood products that are exposed to prolonged periods of wet can eventually decay and those that are fully wet will swell and shrink as they dry. These rotting timbers can often attract pests as well so we recommend Termite Inspections on flood-prone properties.


Wet Road in Coffs HarbourIf your house or commercial property does not get properly aired after it floods, mould can flourish. Mould not only doesn’t look very good up and down your walls, but it can also make you very sick. Toxic mould can exacerbate existing illnesses like asthma or allergies, slows healing of wounds as well as sinus, skin and respiratory infections. You can imagine breathing these mould spores in every day is bad for adults as well as children and pets. Our specialists conduct a review of the environmental or health or biological risks involved with toxic mould as part of their Building Inspection.

There is a myriad of other reasons to have your potential new home around the Coffs Harbour region looked at by a Building and Pest Inspector like damage to stairs, flooring, walls, floor joists, tiles, windows and door frames… The list is almost endless! If you’re planning on buying a home in Coffs Harbour and you are concerned that it might have experienced some damage due to flash flooding please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 6569 5162 or Book Online.

Take a look at these flood risk management plans to further understand the likely flooding areas around Coffs Harbour.

Photos by Dale Gillard

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