Exciting Times Ahead For Cairns


There is an air of excitement in Cairns and this seems to be fueled by an increasing interest in the area as a place to invest in property.

This optimism is supported by a successful tourist season coupled with increased flight passenger numbers and more flights into the area, along with a multitude of projects in the construction arena, both on the board and set to go.

It is with anticipation we wait for more positive indicators that will take Cairns to the next level in regional growth and economic prosperity.

Follow the link below to an article in the Cairns Post on August 8 2015 that provides more detail on the reasons why Cairns is looking like it could be the next hotspot in Qld.

If you’re looking at investing in a property in Cairns make sure you know what you’re getting into. Our local inspector knows the area and what to look for when performing building and pest inspections in North Queensland. Get in touch with Darren today.

READ ARTICLE  – Article no longer available.


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