Unfair Compensation For Inner West Homes In Path of WestConnex Motorway

parramatta road leichhardta

Whilst the WestConnex motorway development might help Sydney locals create 9500+ jobs and bypass 52 traffic lights, it seems that the land acquisition team responsible for making offers on properties lying along the proposed route have bypassed fair market value in their offerings to home owners.

Over 200 properties are set to be acquired for the WestConnex project and those home owners whose properties lay in the path of the proposed motorway development have been offered 20 – 50% less than fair market value according to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article.

Some owners have even received offers before there was even an inspection of their property.

Stage 3 of the WestConnex motorway will require 200+ homes, most from Sydney’s inner west, to be acquired to accommodate the 33km transport development.


Photo by: Adam Kent

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