David Yeowart inspects your home in Brisbane’s Bayside

David Brisbane Bayside Property Inspector

“Helping people is why I love being a property and pest inspector.”

David Yeowart has been inspecting homes in Brisbane’s Bayside area since 2008. He gets satisfaction from knowing he has saved his client potentially tens of thousand of dollars in future repairs by flagging property defects.

“You can’t expect potential buyers to know what to look for when buying a property,” he explains. “That’s why it’s crucial to call in a certified inspector.”

David inspects homes in all Brisbane Bayside suburbs including Wynnum, Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Manly and Thornlands, as well as surrounding areas such as the Brisbane CBDSunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Property Inspections in Brisbane

David moved from Noosa to Brisbane little over a decade ago. Up on the Sunshine Coast David had owned his own furniture business. He decided to make the move down to Brisbane after ending up with a bad back.

“It was just my luck when the opportunity for an inspector arose,” said David. “I had tried my hand at most things, including sales, but I can’t sell ice to an Eskimo,” he chuckles.

Working for Inspect My Home, David had to accumulate all his previous experience and expertise as a builder. He has now inspected over 10,000 homes in the region to date.

Building Faults and Property Reports

David says one of the most common faults he encounters has to do with inadequate building materials. “It can be tempting to use cheap imported steel for instance, but it will rust all together within a few years,” he says.

“A lot of home owners also forget to keep photos and/or receipts from former inspections and renovations, which makes it impossible to know what’s been done before.”

building inspector in Brisbane

A lot of people are asking about structural defects and what happens if one is found on the property.

“A structural defect on your report essentially means I’ve flagged an issue or a potential issue and are making a recommendation for you to have an engineer look at it,” explains David.

On Inspect My Home’s building reports, your inspector makes recommendation for how to move onto the next step. This might include getting in contact with a local plumber, a licensed builder or an engineer.

View a selection of sample reports from various inspections.

Some of the older suburbs in the area, like Chapel Hill and Jindalee, see more building defects than others. This is because many houses from the 1960s and 70s have undergone redesigns which are now causing issues.

Toowoomba is another “tricky” area to work in, says David. “The houses in Toowoomba are usually built two foot off the ground which involves a lot of crawling around on the ground for me.”

“Spiders are not uncommon guests under these houses.”

Building inspection in Brisbane


Pre-Purchase Inspections for First Home Buyers

Making sure a pre-purchase building inspection is done will give you peace of mind. It will ensure you’re not buying a complete basket-case and losing your savings.

“It’s a job well done if I can alert someone to a problem which will save them thousands of dollars in future repairs by walking away.”

Inspect My Home and David invites clients to attend the inspection. He (the inspector) will provide you with a verbal assessment of the property at the completion of the inspection.

“In about every one in 20 properties I visit I spare someone from making a huge mistake,” says David. “This is especially the case when it comes to first home buyers as they don’t have a clue what to look for.”

“Many first time buyers have thanked me for flagging issues which their agent said could be fixed with a coat of paint.”

Timber Pests & Annual Inspections

It is difficult for a building inspector to know whether termites have reached the walls, and if the termite colony is current or if it’s an old trail.

If timber pests or other termites are found at a property David recommends further investigation. “If evidence is found, I recommend to get the property treated and for annual inspections to be organised,” says David.

“Owners need to keep in mind that the pest problem might persist, or return, after a treatment. It’s therefore important to get a licensed inspector out at least once a year.”

“It’s impossible for an average person to know what to look for. It took me four years beside a very skilled pest inspector to learn what I know today.”

Buying a property?

If you are looking to purchase a property in Brisbane’s Bayside area, call David and the team on 07 3245 7444  or book online to ensure your property with a professional building and pest inspection

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