Meet your Cairns Inspector – Ryan Cremen

Ryan Cremem Cairns Property Inspector

Ryan Cremen is your local building and pest inspector in Cairns. He started assessing homes in the Far North Queensland region little over a year ago and loves the flexibility the job gives him.

Ryan always aims to give clients professional and sound advice on their intended home purchase. He likes to think he has prevented one or two people from buying a complete dud.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

“As a buyer, it is essential to get an inspection on your prospect to get that peace of mind,” Ryan says.

“ From your report you will know exactly what defects the property has and how serious they are.”

There will also be a recommendation to source a quote from a relevant trade to repair the discovered defects in the building and pest inspection report you receive from Ryan after the inspection.

If you’re looking to buy a property in the Far North Queensland region, get in touch  with Ryan to arrange an independent and comprehensive inspection of any prospective property.

Certified Building & Pest Inspector

Ryan started in the building industry as a carpenter down in Melbourne at the age of 18.

He made the move up to the Tropical North Queensland little over a year ago and became part of the team at Inspect My Home. As all of the company’s building inspectors, Ryan is a highly trained industry professional with extensive experience.

Ryan says inspecting homes in Cairns is a different kettle of fish compared to in Melbourne.

“There is a major difference in the building industry down in Melbourne, largely because of the different climate and because houses are built differently,”

“The termite problem was no way near as extensive down there [Melbourne] as it is up here in Far North Queensland. This is because of the humidity.”

Termite infestation

Termites must have moisture and humidity to survive. This is why they love damp, rotting wood, or any wood in contact with damp ground.

Ryan also says older homes are at greater risk of a pest infestation. This is due to the common use of concrete slabs with little clearance from the ground. The use of soft wood timber for framing is also a termite hazard.

“One of the worst pest problems I’ve come across must be a termite nest in the wall,” says Ryan. “This is an unusual problem as you’re most likely to find termites in the garden.”

termite infestation cairns

To keep termites well away from your house, you should improve the drainage in boggy areas around the yard. Also drain grey water and extend overflows from air conditioners well away from your home.

Mount all timber structures attached to the house on metal stirrups to avoid soil contact. Timer frames and cladding should also avoid soil contact.

Read our article on how to Reduce the risk of timber pests.

You should also get regular inspections. The frequency of inspections depends on your location.

“In Cairns I recommend to get a pest inspection every 6-12 months. If you go up to the Daintree River area I’d recommend to get one even more frequently, like 3-6 months.”

“If we do find pests, pest damage or signs of termite infestation, I will recommend you to get a pest exterminator.”

In Cairns, Inspect My Home is only carrying out building and pest inspections, not pest extermination.

However, Ryan works closely with industry partners in the area and is able to point clients in the right direction if they need a professional pest control technician.

Building inspections

Ryan says that lack of general maintenance is the most common issue when going out on jobs in the area. It’s not unusual to see issues with grout and tiles in bathrooms, for example.

These are normally not any major defect, nor are they very costly to fix says Ryan. But, when looking to buy a property he advises people to keep an eye out for amateur tiling jobs in kitchens and bathrooms.

Ryan says he always finds at least a few minor defects on the properties he inspects. “I’ve only had one property with just one defect, ever,”

“Normally the properties I inspect in this area, in Cairns, will have an average of 15 or so defects. These do not necessarily have to be any major issues.”

So, what are some major issues, and when to walk away from a property?

Structural defects - building inspection

Major issues are fault or deviation from the structural performance of the property where rectification has to be carried out.

These can include significant structural movement, substantial deterioration in building elements (such as roofing or rendering) or major water penetration, to mention a few.

Book an Inspection

If you are looking to purchase a property in the far north Queensland region, call Ryan and the team on 07 4034 7777 or book online to save your property from significant structural damage with a professional inspection.

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