Why Is A Building & Pest Inspection Important In Sydney?

roof getting checked during inspection

Whether a home is one of Sydney’s classic colonial homes, only a few decades old or even relatively new, it is always important to get a building and pest inspection before committing to settle on a property.

Many of Sydney’s houses are quite old, and while many have been renovated to look wonderful, that renovation could be hiding some long lasting and costly problems.

Even the newest homes can have building faults that you should be aware of, especially considering the high prices of the Sydney market. The last thing you want after buying a new home is to find that it’s going to cost you almost as much to be able to live in it.

Our inspectors perform a thorough investigation of the premise to look for all manner of building faults, deterioration and damage related problems. While we check for everything, our inspectors are locals and know the major issues to look for in Sydney homes.

Common faults and defects in Sydney building inspections

  • Termites (Sydney is a high risk area)
  • Borer and wood decay
  • Damaged kitchen cupboards
  • Rotten or termite infested boundary fences
  • Tree root damage
  • Leaning retaining walls or retaining wall failure
  • Rotten window frames
  • Sticking doors
  • Bouncy or sagging floors
  • Broken roof frames
  • Flooding, damp and moisture issues
  • Poor external drainage
  • Defective guttering
  • Wood rot
  • Fire hazards
  • Illegal structures or renovations
  • Absent smoke detectors
  • Damaged roof or cracked roofing tiles
  • Cracked tiles
  • Leaking pipes in bathroom/kitchen
  • Collapsing balconies or staircases

As you can see there are a lot of potential problems to look out for when buying a Sydney home. Make sure you know what you’re making an offer on by organising a building and pest inspection.

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