Is Your Building Inspector A Registered Builder

Is Your Building Inspector A Registered Builder

It is very important that your building and structural inspection is carried out by a registered building professional. Someone with up-to-date qualifications and experience.  A registered builder is familiar with all areas of construction and will ensure your home complies with current Australian Building Standards and Codes.

All ‘Inspect My Home’ building inspectors are registered builders, with numerous years of experience within the building industry.  They are also accountable to the building commission bodies in each of their respective states:

  • WA: Government of Western Australian, Department of Commerce – Building Commission
  • QLD: Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)
  • NSW: Building Professionals Board (BPB)

As a registered builder, your inspector has accumulated a wealth of experience in the overall construction of a building. This includes structural aspects plus secondary and finishing trades.

In Australia, registered builders are accountable for all aspects of a building. From inception, right through to its completion and handover to a client.  This responsibility then continues over the next 6 years with, what’s referred to as, the structural warranty period. Using a registered builder to carry out your inspection means they can now use their knowledge to save you time and money!

Feel confident that you are making the right decision about your future home by making sure you have a fully qualified and registered builder carry out your building inspection.

Need More Information?

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