Auburn Deputy Mayor Reduces Apartment Sizes

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Mr Mehajer has told off-the-plan purchasers that we will reduce the size of their apartments by 30 to 40 percent to make way for an extra eight apartments to fit on each of the eight floors of the building. These apartments will be valued at $720,000 and will bring in an extra $45 Million to the development.

Those who bought off the strata plan have not been offered compensation for the reduced footprint as the contracts they signed stated that alterations could be made to sizes. A couple has been told that their May purchase of a 150 square metre apartment has been reduced to measure 94 square metres.

Mr Mejaher is part of one of the biggest developing families in the Auburn council area and has many other residential and commercial interests in the area. Mr Mejaher has come under fire for his lavish wedding earlier this month and would not speak to the SkyPoint Tower development changes.

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Photo by Beau Giles

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