6 Things to Check in an Open Home

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Real estate agents often come across prospective property buyers checking strange things when they look at a home on the market.

Many people will check their mobile reception in each room of the house, shower water pressure, even noting the Feng Shui of each room.

One of the strangest things is when a home buyer starts doing things like tapping on the walls when they don’t really know what they’re listening for.

Tim Hutton, Reine & Horne Manly Director says “I always scratch my head because people are going to get a building and pest inspection anyway.”

Though this is at least better than the people he sometimes catches buyers rifling through the current owner’s clothes.

Mr Hutton is right though, if you’re going to get a building and pest inspection done by a local expert, you should be focusing on the areas you can assess yourself.

For a better idea of whether you want to purchase a property, follow these steps below, recommended by Rich Harvey, managing director of buyer’s agency Property Buyer.

List the Features You Want

Whether you want a family home or an investment property, wonderful views, large bathroom, pool, or any other features, make sure you write the important ones down so you don’t forget during your inspection.

Take a Notebook

Make sure you can take notes. Sketch out the floorplan and jot down your thoughts as you go, including problems. If you’re looking at multiple properties it can be easy to start melding homes together in your mind.

Consider Who Comes With You

If it’s not the person you’re buying the home with you, make sure you bring someone who will help you make a decision, or at the very least not get in your way. If someone is going to impose their view on you regardless of what you want, it’s best to leave them behind.

Look for Key Attributes

Check the lighting, open plan living, wear and tear, age of the bathrooms and kitchen and that all the appliances are working.

Take Photos

The real estate agent’s photos are designed to make a property look its best. Don’t be afraid to pull out your phone and take photos of what the place really looks like.

Understand & Use Professionals

Unless you know what you’re listening for, leave the tapping on the walls to us. Building and pest inspectors are there to check the condition of the building, degradation and potential pest activity. However, if there seems to be an issue with the wiring, it’s best to get an electrician to look into it too.

If you’ve found a property you’re considering buying, talk to us about a comprehensive building and pest inspection. Call on 02 9918 0740 or book online today.


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