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Termite Treatment


Termite Treatment Queensland

What is Termite Treatment?

Structural cracking in brickwork
Structural cracking in brickwork

In 1995 the type of termite treatment systems fitted in a building, mainly with concrete slabs, changed. The new style of termite treatment involved a change in concrete slab design so that the slab did not crack for the full thickness and restricted termite entry to either around drainage pipes or at slab edges.

New systems were installed at slab level and can only be included prior to brickwork. The initial systems included chemical, Termimesh or Granitguard. Later approvals have been given to Kordon and reticulation systems. There are ongoing changes as well as approval for additional products. Each system has different characteristics and requirements and full information on each product and installation is available from the manufacturer or installer.

Termite treatment systems require approval under Australian Standard 3660. 1-1995 and amended in 2000. It is also a requirement that a durable sticker be placed in the meter box to identify which system has been installed and when.

Termite Management Programs

Termite Infestations cause millions of dollars in damage each year to timber-in-service. Termites are a problem in most parts of Australia but they are particularly active in hot wet areas such as Coastal Qld.

Home owners and contractors must realise newly built homes represent large investments, and the cheapest method of termite management may not be the best or most appropriate method for their specific site requirements.

For more information on termite management programs, industry changes and chemical termite barriers please take the time to read the advisory notes or feel free to contact us by phone to discuss further.

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Termites Behaving Badly

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