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Information & FAQs

We have compiled answers to some commonly asked questions about Inspect My Home and our building and pest inspection services.

Below these commonly asked questions are a series of downloadable guides. These will help you select the right services and make an informed decision about your requirements. View sample building & pest reports.

1. Why should I get a building or pest inspection?

Would you buy a used car without getting an expert to look for possible mechanical issues before your purchase? Well the same principle applies when buying a home or property! It is important to get a professional to thoroughly inspect the property as a licensed building inspector will have the years of experience and knowledge needed to find the most common building faults, as well as any significant structural damage.

2. Even for a brand new house?

Yes. Getting a handover report will ensure you are protected from any substandard workmanship and builders that may cut corners when building your new home. Taking place prior to the purchaser taking possession of their new home, a handover inspection will ensure your home is ready to move in to and will highlight in detail any defects and imperfections, plus it will protect you in the future if you decide to sell.

3. How soon could my inspection be carried out? My contract deadline date is near...

We can usually conduct a building inspection for you within 48 hours of your request. However in an urgent situation we will endeavour to complete the inspection within 24 hours. Your report will be made available within 24 hours, however upon request your reports can be made available on the day of the inspection.

4. Can I be present during the inspection? Do I need to arrange access to the property with the vendor/agent?

Yes, we encourage you to be on site during the inspection if possible. We will also liaise with the agent/vendor on your behalf to organise access to the property, we will then notify you of the inspection time.

5. Can I speak with the inspectors?

Yes of course - all of our building and pest inspectors are available to discuss the contents of their reports with the owner of the report.

6. How long has your business been operating?

Inspect My Home is Australia's most experienced building and pest inspection company. We have been conducting inspections now for over 15 years. Read more about our company.

7. Is your company licenced?

Our company and all of its employees are covered by professional indemnity.

8. What standard will your inspections be conducted to?

Inspect My Home will conduct inspections only in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.1 (Building Inspections) and AS4349.3 (Pest Inspections)

9. Do you provide detailed reports?

All reports are comprehensive and are written in an easy to understand format. View a sample building report.

10. Is it expensive to have a Building & Pest Inspection?

No, it is not expensive. It is a small investment to receive an informative assessment regarding the condition of a property which could save you thousands of dollars. View out our building & pest inspections pricing.

11. How & when do I pay for reports?

You can pay by credit card when making your booking and this will then be processed on the day of the inspection. You can find a comprehensive list of pricing for building and pest inspections by following the link.

12. How do I book an inspection?

You can call us on 1300 337 447 and speak with one of our friendly staff, or you can save time by filling out our convenient online form and book online.

We hope this information is of value to you and you choose Inspect My Home to carry out your next building inspection. We look forward to being of service to you.

WARNING!! - beware it is no longer compulsory in Queensland for an individual or company conducting inspections to have professional indemnity insurance - make sure the company you choose is insured!

Inspect My Home Information

The purpose of these guides is to help and inform you about some of the details you may need to know about us and the services that we offer. We have also produced some general information about our line of business.

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