Need to get a property inspection? Consider These Important Factors First.

Independent building inspector performing inspection

A building and pest inspection is a crucial step to purchasing a property. It helps inform buyers about the property’s overall condition and form the best decision out of it. However, as much as the property inspection is significant to the buyer’s decision-making process, the property inspector is also equally important to the quality of inspection that will be done to the property. If you need to get a property inspection, you must consider these important factors first in choosing your property inspector.

1. The property inspector should be a registered builder.

To get a thorough building and pest inspection, look for a property inspector that is also a registered builder. They are more experienced in building properties and they passed the latest qualifications in the construction industry. A registered builder is also very familiar with the building standards and codes, so it will know if there are irregularities in your prospected property.

2. The property inspector should hold a Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance is a liability protection of property inspectors from paying the full amount of financial damage that is charged by a client. In Australia, not all building and pest inspection companies are insured because not all states require them to be. You should, therefore, be careful in choosing a property inspector. It is essential for you, as a buyer, to know that the property inspector will be able to cover any financial loss if ever they make errors on their inspections. The professional indemnity insurance will also serve as a guarantee to the buyers that they are protected for any misjudgment by the building inspectors.

3. The property inspector should be independent of the real estate agent.

You should think twice before hiring the property inspector that your real estate agent recommends. It is likely that the property inspector will get a commission for every sale that the agent will make. He can manipulate the inspection report in such a way that you will lean towards purchasing the property despite the possible defects seen in the pre-purchase building and pest inspections. Getting the services of an independent building inspector will make sure that the inspection report you get is not biased, and will reflect the true condition of the property.

A building and pest inspection will only matter if these important factors are present in the inspection company that you will choose.

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